FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 January 17, 1981

In the seventh installment of HERC's ongoing FLASHBACK series, he's taking us back to 1981 - thirty-three years ago today.  As always, HERC sends out a very special thanks to burtiscurtis09 for uploading episodes of America's Top 10 to YouTube.

This week's episode features a lengthy and impassioned plea from Stevie Wonder to recognize Martin Luther King's Birthday as a National Holiday.  (Two years later, then President Ronald Regan signed the holiday into law.)  Casey mentions that usually during the few weeks after Christmas there is not much movement on the charts before noting that there is a new song among the Top 10 on the Pop charts. The Pop Spotlight video was Heart's cover of "Tell It Like It Is".  The Soul chart is below (with the exception of The Reddings' "Remote Control") as is the Soul Spotlight Video. The Spotify offerings from the Top 10 on the Country chart this week were nearly non-existent so HERC tacked on some bonus Top 10 countdown playlists for the week as well as a brief rundown of some of the musical acts appearing on TV that weekend.






courtesy Airheads Radio Survey Archive

WLS Top 10 Forty-fives

American Bandstand
The Kings performed their two song segue "This Beat Goes On"/"Switchin' To Glide", enjoying its second consecutive week at #87 in its 22nd week on the Hot 100 while Rockpile performed "Teacher, Teacher", which sat at #58 after nine weeks .  All in all, this is one of HERC's favorite episodes of American Bandstand ever based on the two songs performed.  (And by "performed", he means "lip-synched".)

Solid Gold

Meanwhile over on this week's episode of Solid Gold, The Vapors opend the show with a performance of  their once hot hit (in its seventeenth week on the Hot 100 it was at #81 and falling after cresting at #36) "Turning Japanese".

Saturday Night Live

The Karen Black hosted episode of Saturday Night Live that aired this week featured two musical guests: The Stanley Clarke Trio and Cheap Trick.  HERC couldn't unearth any video footage of the former from the show but the two videos above represent Cheap Trick's all the way live performances. Both "Baby Loves To Rock" and "Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try" were from 1980's All Shook Up album.  Though the album peaked at #24 on the Top 200 neither of the two songs were released as singles.

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  1. Man oh man, I loves me some Flashback Friday. If you could work in some Soul Train and Dance Fever, I wouldn't get any work done (not that there's much going on here anyway).