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Songza is free.  Most of the people who try it instantly love it. HERC listens to it almost daily and recommends it to everyone he knows.  Do you listen to Sirius/XM for music? Try Songza.  Are you still listening to Pandora?   Every single Pandora fan that HERC has known now listens to Songza. Why are you not listening to Songza?  Don't do it because everyone else is doing it, do it because you deserve it.

HERC loves him some Songza.  Last Christmas I gave you my heart, HERC featured a different Songza Christmas music playlist a day for 25 days (an idea Songza is running with for 12 days this year) and this past Summer, he featured a different Summer themed playlist every day for the entire month of June.  He's featured Songza playlists for Halloween and Soft Rock Week as well and even posts links to custom-made Songza playlists for some posts when the pertinent music can't be found on Spotify.   Songza is HERC's second most listened to source of music after Spotify but for many of his family and friends, it is their primary source of music, even in their vehicles.  One of the most frequently asked questions about Songza is "How can I get a list of all the songs on a Songza playlist?" which has been answered by Songza CEO Elias Roman: 
"There is no way to see all the songs on a Songza playlist. We're prevented under our licenses from doing that, as it makes for a more predictable listening experience."
This is where Playlister comes in: not only does it list the songs in any given playlist in alphabetical order, it provides cover art and title of the album the song comes from, how long the song lasts as well as details about the playlist like total songs, total time and the name of the creator or curator. An all important Listen on Songza link is also provided as are suggestions of similar playlists.  The screencap below, showing much of this information, is from one of HERC's favorite Songza Christmas stations, Christmas Day with Michael Bublé:

[click image to embiggen]
Perhaps even more importantly, the Playlister site provides many similar search features to Songza's own site as seen in the image below:

[click image to embiggen]
Want a list of Christmas playlists of all genres?
Go to culture and select Holidays: Christmas.

Want a list of the what playlists everyone else is listening to right now?
Go to trending.

Rainy Day?
Go to activities and select Rainy Day for a list of suitable playlists.

Feeling funky?
Go to moods and select Funky and get a list of playlists featuring funky music.

None of this (except the list of songs and the total playlist running time) is new - it is all on the Songza site and in the Songza apps for portable devices.  And best of all, it's all FREE.  Some days you have to answer a Captcha to start your session but Songza prides itself on never interrupting the flow of the music - all ads are on screen and silent so all you hear is music.

How are YOU going to utilize Playlister?

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