FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 December 28, 1980

Thirty-three years ago today...

The episode that day featured the final charts of the 1980 calendar year, charts dated December 27, 1980.  As was Billboard's custom, all positions would be frozen in time for the following week, until a new issue of the magazine, with new charts dated January 10, 1981 came out.

headline on front cover of December 27, 1980 issue of Billboard

At that time, music fans were still mourning the loss of John Lennon by buying both his solo albums and those of The Beatles in droves.  Posthumous sales on this scale had not been seen in three years since Elvis had passed in 1977. Lennon's album Double Fantasy and his single "(Just Like) Starting Over" sat atop their respective charts.

also from December 27, 1980 issue of Billboard
Since HERC just figured out that those Billboard back-issue scans he's been poring through over at Google Books can be shared, he's embedded the December 27, 1980 issue at the end of this post.  Before we get to the burtiscurtis09 video edit of the episode, here are the weekly Top 10s featured, all presented bottom to top countdown style:

  • The #1 song by John Lennon is of course a no-show on Spotify.  Raise your hand if the song isn't already in your collection.

  • The #8 song isn't yet available on Spotify - hear it HERE
  • Also, only the full-length album version of "Fantastic Voyage" was available - the single edit runs 4:07.



  • #8 this time around wasn't even on YouTube and them guys have everything so here's a pic:

FYI: The trivia question answer has since been usurped. The most #1 singles from one album is now 5, shared by Michael Jackson's Thriller and Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.


Here's the December 27, 1980, 
issue of Billboard

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  1. American Top 40 was my music bible growing up. A religion to sit by my radio for 4 whole hours every Saturday afternoon for a fresh countdown.
    Who has the highest debut?
    Who has the biggest climb?
    Who is the week's #1?
    Plus all the trivia and long distance dedication.
    "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars..."