FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 December 11, 1988

Twenty-five years ago today...

HERC had stopped watching Casey and his TV show sometime in 1985 or 1986. He remembers the local channel that carried it had dropped it (or more likely moved it) so HERC had moved on; he still listened to the radio countdown each Saturday or Sunday as his schedule permitted, noticing the departure of Kasem (reportedly over the root of all evil) and the arrival of Shadoe Stevens (below) in September that year as he held his newborn baby girl one weekend, inauspiciously indoctrinating her into a lifetime passion for pop music. 

From the looks of the video below, by 1988 the show's format had changed a lot, with a primary focus on the Pop chart aka the Hot 100 and interviews rather than three charts each episode like the ones HERC remembers.

Top 10 Movies? Scrooged was #1 so that's kinda cool.  The single "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" from the movie's soundtrack was #29 that week.  Billboard Movers? Although the show is dated December 11th, the chart date is actually December 10th and as for those "Movers", here's how they fared:

    Unfortunately, HERC wasn't able to procure a copy of the December 10, 1988 issue of Billboard.  His microfiche reader is down and it just so happens that 1988 is a gaping hole in the Billboard issues at Google Books.  So what's a HERC to do? It ain't much but here's the Number Ones on other charts that week:

    #1 Album

    #1 R&B Song

    #1 Country Song

    UK #1 Pop Song:

    UK #1 Album: Now XIII

    And lastly, does anyone remember or have any of these? [HERC has 3 of them - all PRINCE.]  One of HERC's favorite ads from a certain magazine's 1988 Yearbook issue. 


    1. I broke up with AT 40 when I left for college so I had forgotten about the Shadoe Stevens years. I think he has a great radio voice but was a little too goofy for the gig.

      I was just thinking about CD3s and how that's a huge hole in my collection. I have zero and for a guy with a blog titled The CD Project, that just won't do. After this year's Christmas bills are paid, I'll check out the secondary markets.

      Love the AT10 video clip. Manoman, that Anita Baker is good. I'll be listening to that album today.

    2. I love the CD3 format. Small, quick, and easy. It failed as a format but was embraced as a "dead format" in a number of underground genres.

    3. Found this video of a guy who has Beatles CD3s still in longboxes!