FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 November 23, 1980

"From Hollywood its America's Number One popular music show, America's Top 10 with Casey Kasem where we regularly review the record charts. This week, a very special edition..."

So began the episode from November 23, 1980.  America's Favorite Artist Contest had been running for a couple of months and Casey said over 25,000 people submitted their Top 3 picks with 308 artists ("from Bing Crosby to Devo") getting votes.  (HERC does not recall voting but in 1980, his favorite three artists were: Olivia Newton-John, Cheap Trick and The Jacksons)  The Top 10 vote-getters, in alphabetical order, were:

Casey then counted down the Top 3 Acts, and in a stunning sweep, all three were British male groups. Before HERC announces those top vote-getters, let's review the Top 10s Casey would have covered had this been an ordinary episode, with 10 to 1 countdown playlists, beginning with the Pop chart:


The #9 track that week was John Lennon's so-called comeback single "(Just Like) Starting Over"*  A little more than two weeks later, on December 8th, 1980, Lennon was taken from us by a man he'd autographed an album for hours earlier.  The song was still climbing the charts but the tragic loss sent it to the top within a couple of weeks.


Coming in at #7*, Jacky Ward and  "That's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rolls".  In HERC's Country Spotlight, here's Alabama:


HERC shines the Soul Spotlight on Ronald "Kool" Bell and his Gang:


Number Eight was AC/DC's Back In Black*, the second biggest selling album of all-time in the US to never reach #1 on the Top 200 - it stalled at #4.  Led Zeppelin's fourth album is the biggest selling album of all-time in the US to never reach #1 on the Top 200 as it only reached #2.  Both albums are two of only eight RIAA-certified Double-Diamond sellers, signifying more than 20 million copies sold. 

Courtesy of burtiscurtis09, here's that episode of America's Top 10 and the results of the Favorite Artist Contest.

"Keep you feet on the ground 
and keep reaching for the stars"

Viewers who won third-place on the episode got Astraltune Stereopacks, stripped down car stereo cassette players and rechargeable batteries stuffed in a nylon bag and strapped to your chest "so you can enjoy your favorite music while you engage in recreational sports."  Visit Justin's comprehensive Astraltune Stereopack Information page for more on the predecessor to Sony's Walkman, which would make it the iPod's grandfather, right?


Roger Daltrey's "Without Your Love"* was #4

* = unavailable on Spotify

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