FLASHBACK: America's Top 10 September 19, 1982

Another day, another countdown.  Thanks burtiscurtis09.




Unfortunately, HERC couldn't locate this week's Country Spotlight video - Gene Watson's "This Dream's On Me".  Also, Spotify only has 7 of the Top 10 Country songs.  Not a good week for The Hideaway's Country music fans.  Please enjoy this bonus episode of America's Top 10 which originally aired the following week - September 26, 1982:

At the top of the September 19th show, Charlie, the announcer, mentions "our visit to the recent US Festival near San Bernardino, California" but the segment is cut from the video.


  1. Wow. Every time I read the Friday and Saturday line-ups from the '82 US Festival, I just shake my head in wonder. Looking at those names is like looking through my LP collection at the time. Line-ups like that still exist. Unfortunately, the concerts/festivals are all in England and most of the groups have few of the original band members left.

    Speaking of AT40, I found these two recent posts about AT40 fascinating:
    AT40 From the Inside and Part 2 of same.

  2. I knew one classmate who went to all three days of the US Festival - they drank too much on the first day and were sick for the entire weekend with not a single good story to tell.

    When I see ads for those British festivals of 80s stars in Classic Pop, I get nostalgic for about a moment but then I realize that, like you said, it just wouldn't be the same.

    Thanks for sharing the AT40 links. I hadn't come across them before.