Thanks to John Book and the Playmysong team for the Tweets about HERC's recent post.

Registered Playmysong users received email notification this week about big changes to the Playmysong iOS mobile app: the previously existing app is now the Playmysong Control app (or it will be once you update it) and NO longer features the ability to host a jukebox from your iPhone which was one of the uses HERC mentioned in his Tweeted about post.

There is a FREE new iPad only Playmysong Venue app that can be used to host Playmysong jukeboxes from an iPad - the 128GB models are really coming in handy, aren't they?  Watch a tutorial on how to host a Playmysong social jukebox on the iPad.

And jukeboxes can still be hosted via computers with the Playmysong Spotify app.

Why the change? From the email:
We've been exploring data on how you use our service and we've noticed that, in most cases, the jukebox hosting option isn't being used in our mobile apps. So, we've decided to split Playmysong into two apps: one for controlling Playmysong jukeboxes and one for hosting Playmysong jukeboxes.
Neither the Playmysong website or Tumblr reflect these changes yet.  Their Twitter account does mention the Venue app.  

HERC will keep you posted.

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