HERC's Toolbox: PLAYMYSONG [jukebox app]

Back In April 2013, HERC read this article by Eliot Van Buskirk over at evolver.fm and within 15 minutes had his own Playmysong jukebox up and running.  He started telling those closest to him about Playmysong just like he's been proselytizing about Spotify and Songza.  He told his friends, his family and his psychic who, of course, already knew about it.  

The possibilities started ricocheting around HERC's head: there could be free easy to set-up, even easier to play democratic jukeboxes at weddings, house parties, pool parties, BBQs, school functions, etc.  Plans were made to use Playmysong in a truly social situation, with people of all ages and musical tastes - a High School graduation party for HERC's favorite niece in May.  

A 100 song playlist was created, invitations were sent and all guests were encouraged to download the free Playmysong app to their smartphones and actively choose songs to be played.  In addition, an iPad with the Playmysong app installed was made available for party guests to use.  The party and the music were smashing successes; HERC stayed after for clean-up and the requested music continued to play.  

Ready to set up your own jukebox?  Follow the steps set forth in the article linked above and shoot any questions or comments HERC's way.

Here a few tips from HERC's experiences with Playmysong: 

Take the time to find or make a great playlist by:

  • Limiting songs to two or three per artist to maintain variety
  • Not including any songs over 5 minutes in length to maintain a decent flow - also use any radio or single edits of songs you find to maximize variety
  • Using songs from several decades and genres - match the music to the guests UNLESS you're adhering to a strict theme
  • Including at least 100 songs in it. 400-500 songs would be even better - not all of them will get played but your guests will have more to choose from
By making a great playlist, you ensure that you'll have quality music throughout the whole party - even if no one makes a request, the songs will autoplay

In Settings:

  • Set requests per guest per hour appropriately - for larger crowds of 50 or more, set it to one but for smaller groups bump it up to two or three or even unlimited; you can even change the setting on the fly
  • Unless you're throwing a six hour or longer rager, limit songs to one play per hour 
  • Only allow nearby users to request songs - it's pointless for someone to request a song they can't hear
  • Unless you want to hear nasty, obnoxious and or annoying songs (other than the ones you included in the playlist) switch off the option to play any song on Spotify - there are more than 150 Kenny G songs in Spotify's library

Keep host computer out of sight if possible or at least turn the monitor off to discourage tampering or sabotage

Walk a device with Playmysong app through the party to show guests how easy it is to use and encourage them to request a tune or two

Using your phone or tablet as a remote to your computer hosting Playmysong and Spoify, you can enjoy the jukebox experience all by your lonesome.  Local files can also be added to playlists so you can enjoy all of your music. 

A fully charged iPhone loaded with music files can be used as jukebox host in lieu of a PC or Mac - connect it to wired speakers, stereo system or Bluetooth/Airplay compatible speakers

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