First of all, thanks to my father, HERC SR. for this wonderful life.  Happy Father's Day, Dad.  Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion this weekend - sending your daughter, my little sister, in my place.  Look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about it.

Secondly, thanks to all of YOU, the viewers of The Hideaway and I know you're not viewers but actually you kind of are because as of a few days ago, HERC's Hideaway recorded its 50,000th true pageview.  

What does HERC mean by "true"?

About a week ago, this blog was hit hard by spammers, racking up nearly a thousand views in just under two hours - yeah, HERC tracks stuff like that.  So, although the counter says 51,000+, HERC is counting 50,000 from 91 countries (yeah, he tracks that, too) although if you check the Flag Counter at the bottom of the blog, added less than two weeks ago, we have already racked up 37 country flags and 28 of 50 state flags plus the District of Columbia.  

As HERC dictates this post, it has been exactly 420 days - sixty weeks - since the first post here on The Hideaway.  Thanks for all of your emails and comments.

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