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This week, Songza announced a subscription version of their service called Club Songza.  For 99 cents a week, you get no ads and twice as many skips - just like it says in the image above. There are no long term commitments, users are free to cancel at anytime.

As someone who rarely skips a track on a Songza station, HERC has little use for the benefit of twice the skips (he's guessing that would be 10? 12?) but he imagines some people would welcome such a feature.

And even as someone between employment opportunities, HERC could probably muster up a buck a week by foregoing his twice a week, penny per ounce Diet Dr. Pepper refill at the local QT.  But until the ads become intrusive on the music, they are not an issue.

If HERC wasn't already a subscriber to Spotify's Premium service, Club Songza would definitely be a viable option.  Here's hoping that those who can pony up the dough will do so to keep Songza the beautiful noise maker it is.

from the Songza blog [6/26/2013] :

Songza Community,

In the 14 months since our Concierge service launched, Songza has gone from virtually nothing to serving over half-a-billion songs per month. We’ve worked our butts off to get here and we’re so appreciative of the time and trust you put into Songza.

As you may know, for every one of those 500,000,000+ songs you hear each month, we pay royalties to the deserving artists who create them. As a result, we need to earn more each month so we can keep delivering our expert-made playlists to you that improve the things you do every day. We’re introducing two ways to help cover our costs:  

1. Club Songza, a subscription service that offers you an ad-free experience and twice as many skips. It’s $.99 per week and you can check it out here: http://songza.com/club

2. New types of ads to subsidize users who don’t subscribe. Instead of commercials in the middle of your playlist, our new ads facilitate a few-second interaction with our sponsors right before your playlist begins, in exchange for 24 hours of interruption-free listening.

Our goal is to turn the minutes of advertising per hour that other services (and FM radio) have into mere seconds of advertising per day on Songza. 

We want you to be the first to know about this new development.

We also want your feedback and suggestions.  Don’t hesitate to contact us here: https://songza.desk.com/

Most importantly, we want to thank you for bringing us into your life. We will continue working to improve every single moment of your day.

- Elias Roman, Co-Founder

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