Who is Dave Cash and why is his name all over albums on Spotify?

The man known as Dave Cash is a long-time disc jockey on the British airwaves.  He was a "pirate radio" DJ in the 1960s and currently hosts BBC Radio shows.  A company known as One Media ("consolidators and acquirers of music and video content") retained his services and Mr. Cash was given total access to their assets ("more than 100,000 tracks") which he assembled into more than 1,000 "albums".  These albums make up The Dave Cash Collection featuring music and aritsts from the 1940s through the 1990s.  HERC has come across these collections frequently in his Spotify search results - for some artist they are the only albums they have on Spotify - and cursory listens reveal that most of the material was recorded live and might not be the original vocalists.  Now you know.

read The Dave Cash Collection press release

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